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This figure represents the raw anguish and aloneness endured by so many.  With no comforts present, and nothing to hide behind, the viewer can feel empathy, and compassion for the intensity of their pain and suffering.



The layer closest to the viewer has gilded Stars of David floating upward and fading away into the ghostly white surface.  The sizes varying represent the different ages of those who have passed on.  Some stars are clustered together and some are alone. 


The millions of pairs of shoes that were collected and piled high is too hard to comprehend, though photographs have documented it.   To see these items, whether in photos or on actual display at the United States Holocaust Museum is breathtaking.  The items hold the shape and livelihood of the human that wore them; still to this day.  Some parts of History are too difficult to display but the symbolism of the baby shoes detailed with a slight red edge at the opening of the shoe subtly hints at babies’ mouths crying as they were removed from their families’ arms to meet an untimely passing. 


Many Torahs systematically stolen have never been recovered and organizations are still working to find them.  It has been important to heal the communities and make these relics useful again.  (See The European Shoah Legacy Institute )


All the most important cultural artifacts, religious, fine art collections, jewelry, heirlooms, were systematically looted, some destroyed and some hidden away. Items are still being recovered and returned to their rightful owners.  Much more has never been recovered.

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