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 The final panel represents “Always Remember and Never Forget” and the vigilance that goes with this belief.  Joined with this is a renewed message of spirit, hope, and freedom of choice which is expressed with the image of The Western Wall.  In great contrast to the first panel of the prisoners in their striped uniforms, shown here are contemporary individuals gathered with families and friends, alive and colorful, moving freely to visit the wall and express their wishes.  The individuals are of diverse appearances to represent all of humanity in all its grandeur. The presence of the two hands represents the dualism of remembering the suffering showing the tattooed numbers, while pulling the barbed wire away, and moving forward with an uplifted opened hand, gesturing to the Western Wall, to Hope and Prosperity, Freedom and Self Expression.

The intensity in both hands expresses the endless amount of strength and intention necessary to keep this dualism manifesting for Humanity as a whole. The burning fire and the gold represented in the first panel with the Magen David is transformed and relit by the Sun shining on the Western Wall.  The golden light is a continual theme of the essence of the Ner Tamid shown in all three panels, cycling through life from Creation to Destruction, to Redemption.

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